Charlotte Wiig, an Oslo native, trained in film, and moved on to photojournalism before undertaking a post graduate diploma at the London College of Printing. She has worked freelance for major newspapers, magazines and publishing houses while both leading and participating in photo art collectives and conducting her own art photo projects. During the pandemic she set up the art collective A Female Gaze, consisting of 10 female photographers in Norway. To this date she has led and curated the group ́s three projects and consecutive exhibitions, both in Norway and abroad.
The confluence of documentary and art photography is where Charlotte finds most inspiration.

As a person who feeds off of the energy and creativity of others, Charlotte has dedicated herself to her collaborative artistic endeavours. These projects provide an endless source of inspiration, motivation, creative stimulation, and professional challenge.

Her artistic voice can be described as clean and Scandinavian, playful but prodding. She is not afraid to tackle themes of social commentary and the complexities of modern life, and does so in surprising and refreshing ways.